A New Weed Breathalyzer for Police Arrests Is Being Developed

A new weed-detecting device is being developed by the tech industry.The latest startup to have a go at building a cannabis breathalyzer is SannTek Labs, which just announced an investment from Y Combinator. The Canadian company’s SannTek 315 breathalyzer is designed to test for alcohol, along with measuring the level of marijuana breath molecules based … Read more

Marijuana may undermine fertility treatment success

 Women undergoing fertility treatment who smoke marijuana may have more success if they quit, recent research suggests. Among more than 400 women undergoing treatment with assisted-reproduction technology (ART), the small fraction who reported using cannabis at the time were more than twice as likely to lose a pregnancy than those who had never smoked marijuana, … Read more

Marijuana Treatment guide.

Is There a Cure for Drug Addiction? No. Addiction is a chronic disease, much like diabetes or hypertension. People with drug or alcohol addiction need to actively manage the condition over their lifetime.READ MORE ON  https://www.hazeldenbettyford.org


Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the world. There is an ever-growing gap between the latest science about marijuana and the myths surrounding it. Some people think that since it is legal in some places, it must be safe. But your body doesn’t know a legal drug from an illegal drug. It … Read more

Can you increase the terpene level?

Achieving higher terpene levels is all about knowhow and these tips will help you do so. Choose Superior Genetics Not all strains are genetically equal. Even the world’s best growers cannot make wild weed as good as Super Silver Haze! If you are looking for a top-quality and scented strain, take your time to look … Read more

fter vaping cannabis or CBD oils

Kings County is warning vape users to avoid buying cannabis e-cigarettes on the street after seven people in Hanford were hospitalized in the intensive care unit with a potentially fatal lung toxin. The seven suffered pneumonia-like symptoms associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome, according to the alert, issued Wednesday. They include a feeling of not … Read more

How to Avoid Burnout During the Pandemic

While the coronavirus has given some people a much-needed break from the rush of everyday life, others are finding themselves forced to work harder than ever just to stay afloat. A lot of business owners are having to work twice as hard to stay afloat while they and their entire team tries to adapt to … Read more