A New Bill is Filed to Federally Legalize Marijuana

Yet another day and another senator files a new bill to legalize marijuana with a twist. The bill says that marijuana must be federally legalized and regulated like tobacco. This piece of legislation would remove cannabis from several different acts including the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). The proposed bill ‘’Substance Regulation and Safety Act’’ would … Read more

France to fight cannabis use with €200 on-the-spot fines

French police will start hitting users of illicit drugs, particularly cannabis, with on-the-spot fines starting in September, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Saturday. Spot fines of 200 euros ($233) have been tested in several French cities in recent weeks and will now be applied nationwide, Castex said, ruling out decriminalization of cannabis. A French … Read more

Southern California counties pardon 100,000 non-violent cannabis convictions

The state of California is taking its first steps towards the racial justice reform efforts. California’s 58 county district attorneys had a deadline of July 1, 2020, to either challenge or accept the state’s pardon and clear the records of some 191,090 past non-violent marijuana convictions. The majority of the DAs decided to accept the state’s … Read more

DA moves to dismiss more than 1,000 marijuana convictions in Santa Cruz County

SANTA CRUZ — More than a thousand marijuana-related convictions dating back as far as 1969 may soon be thrown out in Santa Cruz County.Santa Cruz County District Attorney Jeff Rosell announced Thursday he has petitioned local courts to reduce, dismiss and seal a total of 1,169 marijuana cases involving 1,085 defendants.“Our office recognized the undue … Read more