Medical marijuana often replaces other headache medications, small study shows

Most patients in a small cohort used medical marijuana in lieu of other abortive prescriptions to alleviate migraine pain, according to recent findings.The researchers found that of the 25 patients who were still using medical marijuana at the time of the follow-up interview, 25% said they used it daily and 71.4% used it at least … Read more

Study Finds Cannabis Effective for Treating Depression

Consuming dried cannabis flowers significantly reduces symptoms of depression and works much faster than pharmaceutical antidepressants, according to a new study of over 1,800 cannabis consumers. The study findings, published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, is the latest research derived from the Releaf App, a free mobile software program that collects self-reported, … Read more

Research: Medical Cannabis could treat chronic migraine for most sufferers

A study finds that Medical Cannabis could be a potential cure for people suffering from severe migraines. A new study published in Brain Sciences suggests that prolonged use of medical cannabis could treat long-term migraines for the majority of the sufferers. The study also says that it could also reduce the medication intake for migraines. There … Read more

More Patients Turning to Medical Marijuana for Arthritis Pain

“We found 20% had reported past or current use of cannabis with the specific intention to manage pain,” said study author Dr. Timothy Leroux, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Toronto. “Not just recreational users, but patients who said, ‘I’m using cannabis because I want to improve pain with this condition.’ “ Quick Survey … Read more

Here’s what symptom relief with cannabis feels like for medical patients

Being a medical cannabis patient often means knowing two worlds—the symptom-ridden world of being in need of medication, and the world of bodily woes dramatically reduced. Because the endocannabinoid system works with other systems throughout the body, cannabis is able to lessen or even eliminate painful health conditions for millions of patients around the world. … Read more