Growing Medicinal Marijuana: A Beginner’s Guide

MjToday – Medicinal marijuana is now legal in the majority of states and they’ve helped innumerable patients with different symptoms and diseases. Some use it to treat their anxiety while others use it to treat chronic illnesses like IBD and back-pain.  Since the legalization, the demand for medical marijuana is on the rise and everyone … Read more

How much do we know about marijuana’s medical capabilities

Colorado, California and a few other states are leading the way, steering tax dollars from marijuana legalization toward controlled, peer-approved studies assessing the medical effectiveness of cannabis compounds. Question for Medical Marijuana Users When it comes to marijuana and two of its key components, THC and CBD, “there are a lot of claims, and like … Read more

Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana: Which Is the Future?

The potential of medical Marijuana is now widely known around the world. Patients across the world have been using medical marijuana to treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer. There have been many types of research done on medical Marijuana which suggests that medical marijuana has the potential to treat a variety of different diseases. … Read more

Medical marijuana: Myths and realities

There are many Myths on Marijuana but only a handful of them are quite true. Marijuana is now legal in most of the states and now people are looking for ways to bust different myths about Marijuana.Guys at AL took upon the task to bust the mysterious and you can enjoy the article on their website.