A New Bill is Filed to Federally Legalize Marijuana

Yet another day and another senator files a new bill to legalize marijuana with a twist. The bill says that marijuana must be federally legalized and regulated like tobacco. This piece of legislation would remove cannabis from several different acts including the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). The proposed bill ‘’Substance Regulation and Safety Act’’ would … Read more

Democratic Party Rejected Marijuana Legalization Amendment 2020

The Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) officially rejected the amendment to legalize marijuana and showed no support for it in the 2020’s policy plank on Monday. The majority of the delegates were against the legalization of marijuana in the country while only a handful was in the favor of legalization of marijuana. These handfuls of delegates … Read more

State-level marijuana decriminalization is not enough

State-level marijuana policies are rapidly evolving. A majority of the public now believes that marijuana prohibition must come to an end, and a growing number of politicians are similarly calling for alternatives to criminalization. The two most commonly debated policy alternatives are decriminalization or legalization. To date, 27 states and the District of Columbia have … Read more

Is Medical Cannabis legal in Switzerland?

Medical Cannabis is slowly making its way into the European countries and Switzerland is also one of them. The regulatory authorities in Switzerland which include SSCM (Swiss Society of Cannabis in Medicine) are aiming to see cannabis legalized in the country. Although, there are many pros and cons of legalizing cannabis in the country but … Read more