More than 50 organizations pressure Trump administration to follow through with vaping flavor ban

(CNN)More than 50 health and advocacy groups are sending a clear message in letters to US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and first lady Melania Trump: Stick with the plan that was announced last month that would require e-cigarette companies to take their flavored products off the market, including mint and menthol. Read more on Edition CNN

Can children legally use cannabis?

Adults in South Africa are legally allowed to possess marijuana for personal use. Now there are controversial moves to decriminalise the use of cannabis for children. By Tania Broughton for New Frame. First published by New Frame Read more on

‘Game-changer’ breath test for marijuana knows if you’re stoned

With $20M in private equity backing, a device that can tell the difference between residual THC in the bloodstream and consumption in the last three hours could be headed for market next year. PHILADELPHIA — When New Jersey lawmakers debated earlier this year whether to legalize recreational use of marijuana, the Garden State’s police organizations … Read more