Drug Shortages Pose Problems for P&T Committees in Accountable Care Organizations

By – James T. O’Donnell, PharmD; and F. Randy Vogenberg, RPh, PhD Introduction  For more than a decade, drug shortages have made headlines. Shortages also have forced P&T committees in many hospitals and health care delivery organizations to make contingency plans for providing safe and effective therapies when conventional and preferred drugs are not available. … Read more

Regulatory and Legislative Disparities With Cannabis Present Challenges to P&T Committees and Health Care Providers

By – Rita Marcoux, RPh, MBA; Lauren Holmes, PharmD, MBA, MPH; and F. Randy Vogenberg, BSc Pharm, PhD INTRODUCTION Over the past several years, the legal status of cannabis has been determined by regulatory changes affecting its use, as well as the use of cannabidiol (CBD). Prior to 2018, CBD, along with all forms of marijuana, was … Read more