Study finds that CBD may help ease the disorder and Addiction to the high of weed

(CNN)Smoking weed has become a popular pastime, boosted by a more permissive social attitude and a relaxation of laws and regulations.Marijuana use disorder encompasses both addiction and dependency, and is characterized by impairments in psychological, physical or social functioning. In the United States, research shows some 2.5% of adults, or about 6 million people, had … Read more

5 Signs of Using Cannabis Too Frequently

“What goes up must come down,” and “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” are two laws of physics pronounced by Isaac Newton. Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dramatized how these laws also hold sway in the world of psychopharmacology.The main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, THC, activates cannabinoid (CB1) … Read more

Cannabis Addiction and Withdrawal

Cannabis has a different effect on every person. Some people can smoke cannabis for decades and one day, they decide to walk away from it and they can easily do it without any withdrawal. On the contrary, some people cannot simply walk away from their addiction and have to face some serious mental and psychological … Read more

Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome: Is It A Real Thing?

A new study found that regular marijuana users experience withdrawal symptoms more frequently than previously assumed. Though marijuana isn’t associated with addiction, habitual use could develop into problem behavior such as dependence. This could lead to cannabis use disorder, found in 30% of marijuana users, and associated with withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit or … Read more

Think marijuana isn’t addictive? Former users disagree

According to a recent study, 1 in 10 marijuana users end up with marijuana addiction but many people deny that they have a marijuana addiction. However, medical specialists have recognized marijuana addiction as a serious problem and there are many treatment programs established around the country.Read here about a man who was addicted to marijuana … Read more

When you quit weed, here’s what happens to your mind and body

What really happens when you quit marijuana after almost 7 years? read the full story and you’ll find out. Liz Benton recently quit weed after smoking it at least once a day for seven years — and the first week was especially brutal. Within two days of quitting, she experienced a panic attack. She struggled to fall asleep, … Read more