Growing Medicinal Marijuana: A Beginner’s Guide

MjToday – Medicinal marijuana is now legal in the majority of states and they’ve helped innumerable patients with different symptoms and diseases. Some use it to treat their anxiety while others use it to treat chronic illnesses like IBD and back-pain. 

Since the legalization, the demand for medical marijuana is on the rise and everyone is looking to get their hands in this remedy. But, medical marijuana is quite expensive and costs a fortune and availability is always an issue. Furthermore, growing medical marijuana at home is a possibility that many people are exploring and you should too. 

Growing medical marijuana is not challenging but its a bit difficult than growing vegetables and fruits. Thankfully, we’ve gathered everything that you are going to need if you’re also thinking about growing medical marijuana at home. Read on and find out everything you need to know if you’re thinking about growing medicinal marijuana in your backyard. 

Is it legal to grow Medical Marijuana? 

Every state in the US has its own regulations on growing medical marijuana. Although the majority of the states allow the use of medical marijuana, there are few states in the country that have forbidden the use of Marijuana. Make sure to check with the regulatory authorities before setting up a grow room in your backyard. 

Indoor or Outdoor? 

Growing Medicinal Marijuana: A Beginner’s Guide

Marijuana is really easy to grow and it can be harvested anywhere. However, if you’re planning to grow medical marijuana then we suggest growing it indoor because you could control the behavior of the strain. The strains that are grown indoor are far more superior in quality than those that are grown outdoors. It obviously depends on the seeds as well but if you’re looking to grow the highest quality medical marijuana then you’re going to need an indoor setup. 

How to get started? 

If you’re thinking about growing medicinal marijuana indoors, then you are going to need a hygienic environment. Use good and fertilized soil to get started with proper warm lights and sheds. There are different types of soils that you can use and make sure to do some research to find out which type will be best for your environment. 


For an indoor setup, lighting is the most important thing that factors in the output of the product. Make sure to look up some high-pressure sodium lamps to meet the requirements of the plant. Lighting is the most essential part of an indoor growing room and you must do thorough research before getting your hands on any kind of lights. 


The second most important factor inside the growing room is the temperature. Every kind of seeds needs proper temperature to grow and this is also the case with marijuana seeds. You’ll need to set the temps according to the requirements of the plants if you want to harvest the highest quality strains. 

Where to get the seeds? 

Growing Medicinal Marijuana: A Beginner’s Guide

Finding medical marijuana seeds in the market is quite easy because there are more than a handful of companies that are offering top-of-the-line marijuana seeds. For starters, here are a few famous companies that are offering some excellent marijuana seeds:


Seedsman seeds are famous for their exceptional marijuana seeds that are used around the world. Seedsman was founded in 2002 and they’ve been offering excellent seeds ever since. Currently, they are offering more than 1500 different types of seeds that you could use to grow medical marijuana at home. 


Not only the best place to learn everything about marijuana, but ILoveGrowingMarijuana is also another reputable brand in the market that is offering the highest quality marijuana seeds. Their prices are quite reasonable and they have a huge variety of marijuana seeds that you must check out. 

Royal Queen Seeds 

Royal Queen Seeds is also known for its wide variety of Marijuana-infused products and seeds. You could find every type of seeds on their website and they offer very fast shipping as well. If you’re looking for the highest quality seeds then we really recommend taking a closer look at this one. 

We also suggest heading over to Seed2Bud for help finding seeds that will meet all your needs. 

Where to learn about Growing Medicial Marijuana? 

There are a lot of blogs that you could read to learn the proper ways of growing medicial marijuana at home. Growing marijuana at home is easy, as we’ve mentioned before, but you’re going to need all the help that you can get. We’ve short-listed a few online blogs that are best for beginners to learn about tips and tricks for growing marijuana. 


Leafly is an online cannabis blog where you could learn everything from choosing the strain to using the proper lights. Leafly is one of the biggest contributors in the Cannabis industry and its content has helped thousands of marijuana growers. You can find some helpful tips there and a beginner’s guide on how to start growing medical marijuana. 


If you’re interested in learning the best way to grow medical marijuana then the guys at Potguide will help you alot. Potguide is another source for marijuana growers to learn more about growing and harvesting marijuana on a big scale. For beginners, we really recommend reading their blogs for a detailed guide on how to grow medicinal marijuana. 

Medical  Marijuana 411 

Medical Marijuana 411 is a place where you could learn everything about medical marijuana. If you’re looking for daily updates on medical marijuana then MM411 will keep you updated. Furthermore, you could also find some useful tips and medical use of marijuana that could really help.  

Bottom Line 

Growing medicial marijuana is easy and fun and could save you a fortune. Above, we’ve mentioned some of the most basic things that a person must keep in mind if they’re planning on growing marijuana in their backyard. We hope that our brief guide could help many newbies out there that are having a hard time trying to step into this field. 

That’s all folks!

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