Over-consumption of CBD Edibles could be fatal, Specialists warns

Over-consumption of CBD Edibles could be fatal, Specialists warns

Specialists warn about the risks of cannabis edibles

Cannabis is slowly legalizing in the country and Cannabis edibles are now more famous than ever. These CBD edibles do not contain much amount of THC but there is some content that could still pose a threat to your health.

The use of medical and recreational cannabis is now legal in many countries and the majority of the states in the US. Canada recently legalized the use of recreational cannabis across the country and people were really happy to finally get their hands on a different variety of cannabis-infused products.

With growing popularity, Cannabis edibles are now available in most parts of the world where recreational cannabis is legal. These CBD edibles can have a very positive impact on your health and for some people who are suffering from chronic pain or difficulty sleeping at night can really get some amazing benefits from these edibles. While there are many medical effects on these edibles, specialists also warn us about some potential risks that cannabis edibles pose.

Firstly, these CBD edible treats are really delicious but if you’re overdoing it, you might be at risk of over-consumption which could lead to many health problems. Each edible contain a specific amount of CBD in it and if you’ve eaten more than a handful then you might be at risk of suffering from a variety of health problems.

Everyone has a different effect on their body and especially when it comes to drugs and herbal-based products, you can never know how your body will react. For some people, overconsumption of CBD edibles could lead to impaired judgment and dizziness. And if you’re driving under the influence of these CBD edibles then you could really harm the lives of others as well as yourself. 

Question for Medical Marijuana Users

It takes at least 3 – 4 hours for CBD edibles to kick in and for some people, it may take up to 8 hours and the effects are different for each person. People who’ve never experienced anything like this before could have some fatal consequences.

Most of the CBD edibles are available in the form of gummies and cookies and they’re quite appealing to children and if one of them was to swallow these gummies, no one knows how their fragile immune system would react to this. It is not safe for children to use CBD edibles and it can do more harm than good.

“After the legalization of cannabis edibles in Colorado, the state poison control center saw a 70% increase in calls for accidental cannabis exposure in children from 2013 to 2017, and studies of healthcare usage reported more children than adults being treated for ingestion incidents,” they write. (Medical News Today)

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