Marijuana and Asthma: Benefits and Risks

Marijuana and Asthma: Benefits and Risks

Smoking Marijuana might not be the best option for people who are suffering from Asthama. Smoking any kind of tobacco could have some serious consequences for people that are suffering from severe Asthama. 

Medical and recreational is slowly making its way into the lives and many and it is already legalized in the majority of the US states. Many researchers and scientists believe that Marijuana can have a lot of medical uses and could really change the lives of many. Some people who are suffering from chronic pain or sleeping disorder and addicted to opioids could really benefit from medicinal marijuana. But when it comes to people that have asthma, should they use marijuana? Let’s hear it from professionals. 


Smoking Marijuana is just like smoking tobacco. Both of them are really dangerous for people that have asthma. The consequences of smoking marijuana can be fatal and cause a great deal of damage to the lungs. Experts and professionals advise not to smoke any kind of marijuana or tobacco if you’re suffering from asthma. Some people who are in the initial stages of asthma might have fewer chances of developing serious conditions but still, it’s better safe than sorry.


Some people think that vaping and smoking are the same thing but they’re not. In vaporizing, you’re inhaling the vapor of the active ingredients that are present in the vape and not the smoke. For marijuana, many cannabis liquid extracts are available in the market.

A study in 2013 found out that vaporizing is less dangerous for lungs than smoking. However, a study in 2015 revealed that vaporizing is not an improvement over smoking. Both, smoking and vaporizing might have the same effects on people with asthma. It’s better to avoid smoking or vaporizing marijuana. 


Edibles have no effects on the lungs of the human and have almost no adverse effect. On the contrary, CBD edibles are a very safe option for people with asthma. Many CBD edibles like gummies, tea, cookies, etc are available in the market and it is completely fine to use them.

Risks of Smoking Marijuana

Smoking Marijuana could trigger an asthma attack and the patient will need to go to the ER to get treatment. It could also trigger some allergies that could further increase the coughing and irritate the lungs. Such an episode could worsen asthma and decreases the chances of recovery. For people who are in the early stages of asthma could suffer badly. 

The use of marijuana without a doctor’s supervision gravely increases the risk of health problems. Always consult your doctor before trying anything to treat your health-related issues. 

Question for Medical Marijuana Users


Marijuana products like edibles boost the immune system of the body to fight against certain diseases. Marijuana is also an anti-inflammatory which means that it is quite beneficial for people that are suffering from asthma.

During the pandemic, many scientists and researchers did a lot of research on marijuana to find its potential and found out that ‘’Marijuana can be really useful because it can ACE2 expression and pro-inflammatory cytokine production which results in less inflammation of lungs. But with too little research, it’s not certain if Cannabis could actually ease the symptoms of COVID-19 patients.’’


For people that are suffering from Asthama, smoking any kind of tobacco or marijuana might not be the best option but if you want to get your daily dose of marijuana then you can use edibles, patches, and some other non-smokable cannabis-infused products.

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