CBD For Coronavirus? New Study finds that CBD could reduce the lungs inflammation

CBD For Coronavirus? New Study Adds Evidence For Cannabis As Covid-19 Treatment

The novel Coronavirus is now spreading at an alarming rate and nearly 600K has already lost their lives in this battle against the deadly virus. In these hard times, people are hoping for some treatments and vaccines to be developed in the near future. Unfortunately, medical experts had very little success in predicting the behaviors of the virus on the human body. On the quest to find the most suitable treatment, Scientists believe that Cannabis can also be used to treat the COVID-19 positive patients.

While most of the medical researchers around the world are tirelessly working to find a vaccine for Coronavirus, a handful of them are leaning towards Cannabis to find a potential cure. These researchers believe that CBD holds the properties to combat COVID-19 and has the potential to reduce the chances of lung inflammation and infections.

A recent study has revealed that Cannabis can be really useful because it can ACE2 expression and pro-inflammatory cytokine production which results in less inflammation of lungs. But with too little research, it’s not certain if Cannabis could actually ease the symptoms of COVID-19 patients.

More research is being done on the subject and according to a recent finding, CBD can actually prove to be really successful in reducing the lung inflammation in the most severe cases. In the recent study, it was not mentioned if CBD could also work for severe cases but the new one says otherwise. The study from researchers at Augusta University in Georgia suggests that CBD may positively impact ARDS or acute respiratory distress syndrome – a dangerous symptom in COVID-19 caused by an overactive inflammatory response. (Emily Earlenbaugh)

Researchers furthermore explained that currently, there is no measures to cure ARDS and medical experts are in desperate need to find a cure for such symptoms. And in such scenarios, CBD could actually make a difference but easing the symptoms in the most severe cases. The CBD will work off in reducing the pro-inflammatory cytokine production which would result in reducing the inflammation in the lungs and end the distress and breathing problems. Some experiments were also conducted which were resulted in the support of this theory.

The experiments were conducted on mice which were infected with ARDS with some symptoms that you might see in some severe cases of COVID-19. This experiment on the mice reduced the oxygen levels in their body and also produced some structural abnormalities in their lungs as well. And to treat these symptoms, these mice were given CBD which reversed the conditions of these mice. According to the authors’ report,’’ The symptoms were totally or partially reversed and returned to the level and condition of the normal after treatment with CBD”.

Based on the current findings, Researchers said that CBD could play an ‘’immunotherapeutic’’ role in treating severe respiratory viral infections like COVID-19. It is pretty obvious that more research is needed on the subject but for now, researchers are hoping that CBD can be used to treat ARDS in the future.

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