Supply of Cannabis up 500% on the dark web

Supply of Cannabis up 500% on the dark web

The lockdown has restricted people from buying cannabis from the local stores and they’re turning towards the dark web to fulfill their needs. According to a new report, the supply of cannabis and other drugs in up by 500% on the dark web.

All the local stores are closed and many other e-dispensaries are also not delivering these drugs during the lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic has forced the cannabis users to turn to unofficial sources to buy cannabis and get their daily dose of CBD.

Many people around the country with medical cannabis prescriptions are also having a hard time getting their hands on cannabis. A report from Sixgill revealed that illegal drugs sold in December 2019 were somewhere around 4,154 but this had risen to 24,719 by April 2020 — an increase of 495%.

The security firm further explained the statistics saying:

“As with all online shopping, shipping delays occurred, with dark web chatter suggesting that slower delivery times dinged the reputations of vendors among a cynical customer base that’s always vigilant for scammers. Though the rise in chatter and concerns was temporary, it did make both vendors and consumers more conscious of the risks of international shipping for illegal goods,”

The lockdown has affected many businesses and cannabis store owners are also facing financial issues and in these trying times, people who are in desperate need of cannabis are turning towards the black market to buy illegal cannabis.

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