Medical Marijuana for Parkinson’s Disease

Medical Marijuana for Parkinson’s Disease

The most asked questions related to Parkinson’s disease that doctors have to deal with is ‘Can I use medical cannabis for my Parkinson’s disease?’. But the doctors do not seem to find a crystal clear reply to this question because there isn’t one. 

Researches have done a lot of research on cannabis and studied the use of cannabis in patients with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for almost two-decade. But the researchers have failed to come up with a simple answer. And with only a handful of clinical trials, researchers don’t have enough to make an assumption because marijuana is still illegal under certain federal laws. 

But with the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in certain states, patients want to consume marijuana to treat their symptoms. However, the legalization of certain drugs does not mean that their use will be completely safe. There are certain medical uses but we also have to keep in mind that marijuana does have its adverse effects as well. 

In recent years, many people have turned toward marijuana and they’re wondering if medical marijuana could be the miracle that they were looking for. A study shows that many people have shown great interest in analyzing all of the existing research related to marijuana and Parkinson’s disease. But, with too little research out there, there isn’t enough out there to conclude something and the end result was a mixed bag.

Some experts at Parkinson’s Foundation found in their research that marijuana can negatively impact the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. They concluded that marijuana can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure and can also cause vertigo. In conclusion, they found out the combination of marijuana and Parkinson’s can be quite fatal for the patients that are suffering from the disease. 

Since the disease is mostly found in people above the age of 60, a fall can be devastating and it can even leave them a cripple. On the contrary, another research shows that marijuana could prove to be really useful in the case of Parkinson’s disease. The research mentioned that marijuana could help Parkinson’s patients with pain relief, reduced tremors, improved mood, and even helps them with the quality of sleep. 

Despite all the risks and benefits, many researchers believe that marijuana might ease the symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s disease and even improve their quality of life. Many patients have to suffer from joint pain and anxiety and opioids are not probably the best option to treat them. In such a case, medical marijuana could prove to be really beneficial for patients. 

Some researchers in the country believe that marijuana can reduce tremors and slow down the progress of the disease. However, few others believe that marijuana has almost no effect on the tremors and it cannot help slow down the progression of the disease. Then again, we don’t have sufficient data to conclude anything but the majority of the researchers are in favor of medical marijuana for Parkinson’s disease. 

A medical worker shared that those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease are often prescribed with medical marijuana and they are advised to start with a small dosage. He mentioned that CBD-edibles might not be the best way to consume Cannabinoid for Parkinson’s patients because of the fear of over-dosing.

 In conclusion, many researchers are confused because there isn’t enough concrete evidence that supports that medical marijuana is indeed beneficial for Parkinson’s disease. But, with the legalization of marijuana around the country, it is expected that we’ll soon have more data on the topic. 

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