Can you Get COVID-19 Twice? Experts weigh in

Can you Get COVID-19 Twice? Expert Answers

There are over 10 million positive Covid-19 patients around the world and out of which, 5 million people were able to fully recover from this deadly virus. But after completely recovering from the coronavirus, can you get COVID-19 twice? Here’s what the experts have to say.

But first, according to a statement by WHO, there is no evidence that says that you cannot catch the Coronavirus twice after fully recovering the first time. 

According to a medical expert in Beijing, those people who have recovered from Covid-19 develop an anti-body element in their body that prevents the virus to affect then again. But, there’s no saying how long will these anit-bodies will remain in the system and fight off the virus. Currently, there is not much data or research available which says that COVID-19 recovered patients couldn’t catch it twice. 

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He also mentioned that in some individuals, anti-body elements cannot last for a very long time which could result in relapse. These individuals with a weak immune system are likely to catch in again if they’re not careful.

Especially in children, the life of these anti-bodies is very short-spaned which could provide them with immunity for a shorter time. But, due to almost no research on this subject, doctors and medical experts are not sure about anything. These hypnoses could very well be wrong but we’ll know more with time. 

Moving on, Dr. Peter Jung, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston told The Huffington Post. “But just as the flu can mutate, so could Covid-19, which would make an individual susceptible to reacquiring the infection.” (Independent UK).

However, according to infectious disease expert, Dr. Stephen Gluckman, the director of Penn Global Medicine mentioned that Coronavirus has been around for quite a while. And not just in humans, but also found in different species. He also said that we’re starting to learn more about COVID-19 in general and for the most part, we believe that once you’ve had a specific coronavirus, you are immune. However, we don’t have enough data to support the claim but it is likely.

From this statement, one could say that people who initially recovered are more likely to relapse rather than get reinfected with the virus. Furthermore, a recent study suggested that people with mild infections can test positive for the virus by throat swabs “for days and even weeks after their illness”. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to contract the disease again, especially in those who are immunocompromised. (Source – Independent

According to the CDC, the response of the immune system against the COVID-19 is a bit complex and we haven’t been able to study the response and completely understand the response. Some patients with MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus, or EMC/2012, is a species of coronavirus which infects humans, bats, and camels) are likely to get re-infected quickly. But it is not clear whether a similar response will be observed in the case of Coronavirus patients. 

The Bottom line is that there is not enough data to claim that you can get COVID-19 twice. Many people around the world are claiming that you could catch the Coronavirus twice base on false testing. Until we have some peer-reviewed research on this topic, we cannot say anything for certain.

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