Coronavirus to be treated with Cannabis – COVID19

A team of researchers in Canada claimed that Cannabis can provide resistance to the deadly SARS-CoV-2 because it has anit-viral properties. The researchers said that the research was conducted to find more data on the medical use of Cannabis when they discovered that Cannabis can be a resisting substance against Coronavirus.

Scientists and researchers all over the world are trying their best to find a vaccine for Coronavirus but there’s not much success yet. Some believed that remdesivir could show some promising results while some suggest that nicotine could help slow down the virus. But we haven’t seen any potential cure for Coronavirus.

Now, scientists believe that Cannabis might be able to resist the Coronavirus. We already know that Cannabis can boost your immune system and helps your body in fighting against viral infections and many other diseases. The study is yet to be reviewed and verified but over in Isreal, hospitals have already started treating Covid-19 patients with Cannabis.

Researchers in Isreal are investigating Cannabinoid (CBD) to find out if it can slow down the spread of the virus inside the body and stop moderate patients from turning severe.

Over the next few days, Covid-19 patients at Ichilov Medical Center are expected to be treated with Cannabis. Researchers are hoping that Cannabis could finally be the answer to the deadly Coronavirus.

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Furthermore, a team of researchers has also been working on a CBD-based drug that showed some promising results against inflammation for Coronavirus contaminated lungs. So currently, they are working on two different CBD-based drugs against coronavirus. One is to reduce to inflammation in the lungs and the other is to slow down the spread of Coronavirus.

Moving on, due to insufficient funds for research on medicinal cannabis, researchers don’t know much about the Cannabinoid, and we cannot say anything for certain. But, many scientists have recently shown some interest in doing broad research on Cannabis and find out more about this compound and its properties.

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