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How CBD Extraction Process - Sleepopolis

If you’ve ever wondered how do CBD Extraction process works then here is a simple and informative answer for you.

CBD is extracted from hemp or cannabis using one of the following extraction methods:

  • CO2, or pressurized carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide behaves like a solvent at certain temperatures and pressures, making it possible to extract CBD and other phytocannabinoids without the dangers of chemical solvents. CO2 also removes chlorophyll, which may taste bitter and cause unwanted effects when included in CBD products

  • Ethanol and other solvents. High-grade grain alcohol can be used to extract CBD, but may degrade or destroy the plant’s natural waxes along with their potential health benefits. Other solvents such as butane may damage plant waxes, as well, and do little to remove impurities such as chlorophyll. They may also leave behind residues that are toxic to the body

  • Olive oil. Olive oil of any kind can be used to extract oil from cannabis or hemp plants. Olive oil that contains cannabidiol is perishable and must be stored in a cool, dark place

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