Cannabis and cancer: What does the research show

Can you use cannabis to cure cancer?Many people have come up with testimonies, attesting how the CBD oil and cannabis have helped in managing various side effects that come along with cancer treatment. Others claim that they use marijuana to cure cancer.
Many researchers around the globe are investigating how cannabis supports cancer treatment. The study uses both natural and man-made cannabis products including cannabis oil, hemp oil, and cannabinoids.
There is a lot about cannabis and cancer, and reviewing this article will help to know more about cancer research and cannabis

Cancer and medical marijuana

The use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes is growing exponentially. For centuries, people have been using marijuana as a herbal remedy in treating a variety of health conditions. People are now embracing cannabis as a drugand they are using it to manage various health conditions. 
Marijuana is rich in active ingredients known as cannabinoids, which helps in regulating various biological functions in your body. THC also called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is beneficial in managing the side effects of chemotherapy, and it also leaves the user with a high feeling. The other cannabinoid is CBD, also called cannabidiol has a potential application in managing medical conditions like cancer.


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