​Differences & Similarities Between The Deep Web & The Dark Web



You may have heard that the deep web and the dark web give you access to 100% of the Internet, while the standard classic web only provides access to 10%. You probably associate them with hackers, but you have also heard rumors about intellectual forums and scientific discussion boards, as well as archives that might challenge your beliefs.


So, what are these concepts about and what is the main difference between them?


What is on the deep web?


The deep web consists of all the websites that are not indexed by search engines. In other words, you cannot find them with search engines. You need to know the exact address of these pages to actuallly access them.

Many companies like Netflix rely on the deep web for private databases, as well as stuff that simply should not be found over search engines. Even some users can indirectly access the deep web through the services they use.

Not sure where to start? The Hidden Wiki is a portal providing access to common and helpful links for a safe experience over the deep web.


What is on the dark web?


The dark web has a self-explanatory name. It is part of the deep web, because you need to know exactly where to go. You can find a marketplace for drugs, guns, criminals and pornography. On a more positive note, you will also find warez – scanned rare books, softwares, encyclopedias, uncensored forums and so on.


The dark web is not regulated, simple as that. It is also not indexed. Such things are also available on the standard web. In other words, it is not necessarily more dangerous or disgusting than the real web. It could be helpful, but it could also be harmful if you fail to use common sense.


The good news is that both the deep and the dark web are fully anonymous. Unless you share your own data, no one could find details about yourself, so you are free to do whatever you want.


Differences between the deep web and the dark web

These terms are often used interchangeably – quite wrong, as they underline two different things. The deep web provides access to websites not indexed by search engines. The dark web does the same, only many of its websites are also involved in illicit niches.

Some websites are not indexed because search engines do not find them relevant enough. On the other hand, the dark web is actually trying to stay hidden. In terms of ethics, the deep web is neutral, while the dark web can be used for anything.

As a short final conclusion, all the dark web is deep web too, but not all the deep web is dark web. There are differences between them and knowing what you are after will push you in the right direction.​


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