Can you increase the terpene level?

Achieving higher terpene levels is all about knowhow and these tips will help you do so.
Choose Superior Genetics
Not all strains are genetically equal. Even the world’s best growers cannot make wild weed as good as Super Silver Haze! If you are looking for a top-quality and scented strain, take your time to look into the best seeds or clones.
Grow Your Cannabis Plant in Soil
Whether you are taking your cannabis farming indoors or outdoors, growing it in rich soil is a sure way of getting more quality and flavorful yield. Most growers attribute this to the nutrient content found in such rich soils. Similar to growing wine grapes, food crops, or keeping livestock, growing cannabis in regions with unique soil profiles plays an essential role in yielding unique flavors.
Exposure to Light
Growers interested in yielding flavorful cannabis need to know that exposure to sunlight is essential. For outdoor cannabis growing, growers should ensure that there is adequate spacing between plants. This allows every cola to receive maximum light. For indoor cannabis growth, it is advisable to provide specific light that falls under the healthy light spectrum.
Low-Stress Training (LST)
A little stress might go a long way in trichomes production and hence terpenes. You can purchase wholesale terpenesin oil form. There are various low-stress training techniques – as well as other intensive techniques – that can help greatly in getting aromatic buds.
Training your cannabis plant by tying down the branches or pruning lower branches during the flowering season helps direct energy to the other flowers, which then produce more trichomes. Removing the fan leaves around the buds or exposing the cannabis plant to cooler temperatures also helps.
As with any other training, growers need to note the needs of their plants keenly. If the training process becomes too much for your plants, you may witness reduced yield and quality.
Flush the Plants
Two weeks before harvesting, it would help if you seized feeding the plants. The nutrient build-up in the buds may overpower the natural flavors of the plant. Getting your plants a pure source of water will help wash away all the excess nutrients to leave a clean and aromatic yield.
Harvest Time
Leaving your plants up for an excessively long time will lead to the breakdown of trichomes, which may alter their chemical composition. Observing the shape and color of the trichomes using a magnifying glass helps you tell when the cannabis plant is ready for harvest. Go through the Leafly’s guide to harvesting cannabis for more information.
Handle Buds Carefully
Trichomes are delicate, and whenever you handle a bud, you may be destroying some of these fragile trichomes. Avoid this by handling the buds with care and limiting the movement of the buds. Advise the trimmers to be gentle on the plants and possibly hold the stem when trimming.
Curing Cannabis
Curing is the slow process of drying your buds and is one of the most important ways of preserving and enjoying the terpenes of your recent harvest. Maintain cool temperatures and a humidity of 45-55%, and keep the lights off. With proper curing, the chemical composition of the buds changes to make it better flavored and more enjoyable.

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